Master classes offer students the opportunity to learn from renowned artists with national and international reputations.

Masterclass Botanical Illustrator with Janet Rieck

Janet Rieck has devoted a great deal of time in recent years to the fine art of botanical illustration. Through an art form that requires mastering the use of watercolor as well as the detailed requirements of botanical illustration, she has discovered the wonderful world of plants and their form and growth. Her studies with Anne Marie Evans, a leading teacher of botanical illustration, have kindled in her a passion for the study and representation of plants. Janet has exhibited extensively. Her work was accepted by the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society in London for exhibitions in 2003 and 2007, and she received a Silver Gilt Medal each time. Her work has also been seen at the Hunt Botanical Exhibit at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh for the 2004-2005 exhibition. She won a “Best in Show” for her painting shown at the New York Botanical Society Exhibit in 2004.  Learn more

Date & time: Saturday, April 21st from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Location: Lakeside Arts Park in the Dole Gallery

Cost: $25.00 (Geared to beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels)

Online ticket sales close on Friday, April 20th at noon

The class will introduce students with or without art backgrounds or experience in painting to the art of botanical illustration.

  • Brief biography and accomplishments of Janet Rieck
  • Brief history/current event with examples

  • Materials necessary to do these illustrations & how to budget time to accomplish illustration painting
  • Hands on: Learning how to do washes in watercolor. (During this exercise students will learn to paint in a very tight space with graduating the color from the darkest to the lightest.)
  • Hands on: Painting a leaf with one color (so students can see the textures and light and darks without having to deal with the real colors of the leaf.

Items needed for the class: (Lakeside will provide these items)

  • Watercolor paint (one color small tube): Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, or Cadmium Blue
  • Brush: Windsor Newton, Series 7, #4 (has a point) finest sable brush.
  • Paper: Aqvarelle Arches Watercolor Block Grain, Satine, Hot Pressed 14″x20″

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